Breaker Keeps Tripping

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Does your circuit breaker keep tripping? An overload, a short circuit or a ground fault could be the culprit. Read more about each scenario here.

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Aug 28, 2015 … electrical circuit breaker keep tripping. A few of my circuit breakers are turning off daily. I have to constantly flip them back to ON. What would …

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You may have to call an electrician to deal with the reason your circuit breaker keeps tripping, but a little sleuthing might reveal it's an easier fix.

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A circuit breaker “trips” (shuts off the electrical flow) in order to protect the circuit from overheating. It's a safeguard that helps prevent damage and electrical fires.

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Even though the tripping of circuit breaker ensures safety, it can get quite frustrating to constantly experience it.

Apr 19, 2013 … Going outside to mess with your tripped circuit breaker can be overwhelming if you don't know what or why it happened. If you're not an …

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